Gourmet Popcorn: A Chicago Tradition

Chicago is known for its skyline, food scene and entertainment, but with so much to see in such a big city, it’s hard to get around without getting a little bit peckish. Whether you are window shopping down the Magnificent Mile or taking pictures at The Bean in Millennium Park for your online cooking school project, you are going to want to have something to snack on as you travel between each destination. Light and delicious, gourmet popcorn is perfect for holding you over until your next big meal.

Garret’s Popcorn
One of the most popular gourmet popcorn shops in Chicago, Garrett’s store has served its specialty brand of popcorn since opening in 1949. Using hot air to pop their kernels, Garrett’s then carefully mixes the fluffy popcorn into the secret family recipe. Garrett’s has nine different flavors to choose from. CaramelCrisp boasts rich butter notes, sweet brown sugar and a crème brûlée crunch. Cheesecorn lovers enjoy an abundance of freshly-melted sharp cheddar cheese. Almond Caramel Crisp bundles roasted almonds with savory brown sugar. If you want a Chicago original, get the Chicago Mix – a combination of CaramelCrisp and Cheesecorn.

Chicago Kernel Gourmet Popcorn
Setting a high standard for quality, taste and customer service, the Chicago Kernel popcorn is made fresh every day. Considered to be one of the city’s best-kept secrets, they offer over a dozen different types of popcorn. Kernel’s Caramel is special blend of sweet ingredients and rich butter. Movie Time is popped in coconut oil and lightly salted for a gourmet version of movie popcorn. Chocolate lovers will fall head-over-heels for their Dark Chocolate Drizzle, which is Kernel’s Caramel drizzled with rich dark chocolate. For people who want something completely unexpected there is the Peanut Butter Drizzle, a blend of Kernel’s Caramel layered with a hefty amount of peanut butter.

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