Popcorn: The New "It" Snack For 2013

can teach you everything from how to boil an egg to making the perfect, fluffy souffle. While some staples and cooking techniques will always be around, others reflect more seasonal trends that budding chefs can test out as they learn to cook online.

For 2013, one of the top snacking favorites is gourmet popcorn, and with a little creativity and simple recipes, you may be able to enjoy it at home without paying high retail prices. The movie theater treat has shed its buttery roots, and is now being hailed as an “addictive” snack that can be adapted to have light, crispy, sweet, savory or salty notes.

“Elaborately spiced and flavored popcorn has been showing up at events in 2012, and caterers are predicting that they’ll see even more in 2013,” Catersource reported.

For many, popcorn has become the new “it” trend, joining the ranks of favorites like cupcakes and bacon that have shown immense staying power in the culinary world. According to Time Magazine, Americans eat approximately 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year, which fuels a $1 billion industry.

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