Student News: Tips & Tricks From Robin Cazan

Escoffier Online: Tips & Tricks

A few weeks ago, we asked our students to share any tips and tricks they’ve found for being successful in the Escoffier Online program.  Here are two helpful tricks from one of our culinary graduates, Robin Cazan:

1) I print the recipe on one page. On the other side I print the assignment (I copy and paste into Word, deleting the tables). This way I have the recipe and the required pictures all together while I’m preparing the recipe.  I also type my assignment into Word first so I can spell check and/or edit, then copy and paste onto the assignment page.

2) To display multiple pictures, I create a PowerPoint document with text boxes. This allows me to show images of the different steps required. At the top of each image, I label what each is about. I then save the document as a jpg file and upload it into the assignment page.

Thanks to Robin for her tips!  You can read about the cookbook she published in another blog post.

If you have your own tips and tricks that you’d like to share, please email [email protected] with “Escoffier Tips & Tricks” in the subject line. We appreciate your feedback!


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