Tribute To Regional Sausage

Sausage isn’t just for grilling out on the deck during summer. The blended meat has a multidimensional flavor profile that allows it to work in many dishes. Want to know all about preparing different types of sausage? Attend an online culinary school to learn what you need to know. In the meantime, get further acquainted with linked meat in this roundup of international sausage:

While it hails from Germany, bratwurst has a firm grounding within the diet of Americans. It is an uncured meal typically made with pork, yet has been known to be prepared with veal and beef as well. It’s a common sight among backyard grill sessions, and can be boiled in beer before it hits the flame. It’s a classic once paired with grilled onions and mustard.

It’s important to distinguish Spanish chorizo from the Mexican variety because the two differ drastically. Spain’s sausage is a cured meat cooked with garlic and paprika to get its signature color. It’s commonly sliced and put into paella or enjoyed on its own as a tapas ingredient. Mexican chorizo has the same color but the similarities end there. It is an uncooked sausage without a casing. Many eat it daily in eggs for breakfast or in cheese for an appetizer.

This next sausage is made from various parts of a pig and flavored with spices. Andouille’s origins lie in France, yet it has seen great popularity in Louisiana. You can find this sausage in jambalaya stews and in red bean and rice dishes.

Also known as blood sausage, this linked meat is eaten in many cuisines hailing from Spanish-speaking countries. It’s made from pork, fat and blood, and sometimes is mixed with rice and onions. Since morcilla is a staple food among many cultures, it is eaten in a variety of ways. Some pairings include potatoes, crusty bread or just as is.

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