Traditional Brunch Gets Revamped In 2013

are a great place to learn more about making brunch, which is predicted to grow in popularity as one of Americans’ favorite meals in 2013. The following breakfast-inspired food trends are all the rage in restaurants today and provide an interesting spin on traditional fare.

1. Chicken and waffles
Chicken and waffles is a traditional Southern dish that is widely popular for its simultaneously salty and sweet flavors. Although it is more commonly eaten later in the day, restaurants everywhere are starting to feature this soul food on their brunch menus to help patrons start the day out in style. According to, this sizzling entree recently inspired a flavor in the 2013 Lay’s potato chip contest.

2. Ethnic-inspired cuisine
Omelets and pancakes are very popular brunch foods, but in 2013, trends show a shift toward more ethnic-inspired breakfast items. According to U.S. News and World Report, restaurants will continue to showcase more dishes like chorizo scrambled eggs, Asian-flavored breakfast syrups and Middle Eastern cream-filled puff pastries on their morning menus.

Once you’ve dedicated yourself to learn cooking online, it’s time to get started with trying out new brunch recipes to wow your friends and family.

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