New Specialty Pastry Programs Coming Soon!

New Specialty Pastry Programs

coming soon!

bakingcontemporary In an exciting time in the history of Escoffier Online, we are ecstatic to announce that we will be adding two additional programs to our current culinary arts and pastry arts lineup: Healthy Baking and Contemporary Dessert Presentation. We are thrilled with the outcome and excited to see the new places these courses will take our current and future students in all their culinary endeavors.

Through these programs students get to explore different aspects of the pastry arts that are quickly becoming a part of the everyday chef’s life. With Contemporary Dessert Presentation students will learn varying degrees of modern plating including how to design a dessert buffet, use molecular gastronomy in their baking as well as master modernist approaches to pastry styling. In our new Healthy Baking program students will learn how to work with current food trends and special diets such as raw, gluten-free and vegan baking as well as sugar-free, farm-to-table and heart-healthy desserts.

Some other features include:

  • Course recipe book in online classroom
  • Online lessons include video lectures from Escoffier instructors
  • Discussion board assignments allow students to create new recipes or convert old ones into a “healthier” version as well as research and discuss relevant courses topics.
  • Students complete a production sheet and flavor journal for each kitchen assignment

Become an artist in your kitchen and learn how to adapt and cater to your customer’s needs. Enroll in our new online pastry programs today!

For more information please email or call (877) 452-5489 to enroll.

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