New Healthy Baking Program Coming Soon!

New Healthy Baking Program

coming soon!

New program health bakingIn an age where more and more people are turning to alternative diets or being diagnosed with various food allergies or food affected ailments, it’s important for every chef to know how to adapt and cater to its customer’s needs.

That’s why we created our Healthy Baking program, one of two new course options for former, current and future students. This program let’s students go where they weren’t able to before with unconventional baking needs and allows them to take a closer look and learn more about the pastry arts by having to remove classic ingredients and substitute them with less familiar options. Such endeavors can test any pastry chef and requires them to know more about what’s really going on in their kitchen. The new Healthy Baking program helps to prepare any classic pastry chef on how to provide products for almost every type of client or customer as well as give an outlet of study for those interested solely in alternative modes of baking.

Other highlighted elements:

  • New online course format
  • Course recipe book in online classroom
  • Ability to convert old recipes into “healthier” versions and create new ones to share on discussion boards

Learn how to adapt and cater to your customer’s needs. Enroll in our new online pastry program today!

For more information please email or call (877) 452-5489 to enroll.

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