Become an artist in your own kitchen: Contemporary Dessert Presentation

Contemporary Dessert Presentation

program coming soon!

new program contemporary dessert presentationIn some cases nowadays, the look of food has become more important than the actual taste of it.

That’s why, as one of two new study options, we’ve added an entire program dedicated to Contemporary Dessert Presentation. Through this new program, students can explore some of the more complicated approaches to food styling including molecular gastronomy, designing large buffets and the more modern art approaches to plating. These aspects of the pastry arts have become especially important due to the rise in popularity of food photography, the vast and fast moving world of social media and a demand for high-end looks even at the lower-end of the price spectrum. In a day and age where someone can see what you make seconds after you’ve made it, presentation is important.

Other highlighted elements:

  • New online course format
  • Course recipe book in online classroom
  • Ability to convert old recipes into “healthier” versions and create new ones to share on discussion boards
  • A chance to design your own dessert party: from the menu to the decorations

Become an artist in your kitchen and enroll in our new pastry program today!



For more information please email or call (877) 452-5489 to enroll.

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