The Best Cookware to Put on a Wedding Registry

It can be incredibly overwhelming to figure out what to put on a wedding registry when it comes to cooking tools. Besides the fun stuff that we all want but definitely don’t need, there’s also the prospect that it’ll sit in its packaging in the garage, never being used or worse, sitting in your cupboard taking up precious space. Sure, a high-grade espresso machine with a little feature that makes hot, steamy foam may seem like a good idea but let’s be practical. When it comes to what you put on your registry, you want it to last as long as your marriage does (and that should be forever). Our guess is that homemade slushy maker probably won’t stand the test of time, especially not with that 5 year warranty. Don’t fret though. We’ve got a good idea of what you actually need in your kitchen and that won’t fall apart by the time you celebrate your 1 year wedding anniversary.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best kitchen tools you can put on your wedding registry so you can have more time to focus on floral arrangements. This also goes for people who want to go off the registry for wedding gifts but are wondering where the best value is.

Good Knives

They’re the ultimate tool of any chef, beginner or professional. If you’ve cooked with bad knives, you know how much of a pain it can be. It messes with presentation, slows the process and can be really dangerous. The last kind of bonding experience you could want as a newlywed is a trip to the emergency room. Good cooking knives can be a little pricey, sure, but they’ll last a very long time. Plus, you’re putting it on your registry. You’re allowed to splurge a little! Unfortunately Target isn’t really going to have what you’re looking for in the way of quality so you’re going to want to go to a specialty store. Williams-Sonoma has a great variety of high-end knives and tons of friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help. You can also order online if you don’t live near a store. Another great place you can find quality kitchen knives would be a TJ Maxx but that’s not a given. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s definitely worth a trip though because you can often find them very much below what they retail at. Once you have them, they require very little upkeep, some of them only needing to be sharpened about once a year.

Le Creuset Cast Iron

You don’t get much better than this. Le Creuset is kind of like the mother of all cookware. Their signature amber orange color was meant to represent the color of molten cast iron, the material they’re famous for working with best. Their products are still made in the same factory in the same small town in Northeastern France that they were when the company was founded in 1925. This is the real deal when it comes to cookware. They are famous for making things that can last a lifetime and beyond. Plus, the French or dutch oven option let’s you make countless meals where you can directly transfer from the stove to the oven. Pinterest is full of some seriously great dutch oven recipes.Trust us, it saves time and tons of flavor to do it that way. Plus, it’s kind of cool that name creuset comes from the French word for cauldron. These can be purchased on their website, at Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma! When it comes to cast iron cookware, you can trust that Le Creuset knows what it’s doing.

Full Serving Set

This is for those who really like to entertain. If you can see yourself throwing countless dinner part and family get together and Thanksgiving dinner, then you should definitely throw one of these on your registry. Thank goodness for modern times. Now, instead of having to collect each piece individually you can get them in one big beautiful box. If you need a gravy boat, you can usually find it in the same place you picked up the set. Macy’s is wonderful for these things. And if something chips, cracks or breaks, they usually carry them for a long time so you can also pick another one up. As much as the bohemian, mismatched thing can be appealing and totally cute, the sets have a tendency to just be easier. Would definitely put one of these on there!

Cuisinart Standing Mixer

This is a tentative add. Yes, the standing mixers make any counter space looks great and their bright fun colors definitely add in the design department. But how much use is that thing going to get? That’s all dependent upon he uses it. If you’re a baker, do it up. Throw it on that registry without a second thought. But if you don’t really bake and want it for the promise that you might one day become one, maybe hold off on it for now. Sure, it never hurts to have one. But unless you have tons of free counter or cupboard space, it might be a bit more of a bother than a life saver. If you’re not much of a baker, a good hand mixer can do wonders and doesn’t take up much space at all.


We know, we know. Sounds super old fashioned. But we swear by having a decent set of silverware. We’re not talking like actually made out of silver, has to be polished all the time and kept in a special drawer silverware but a nice set of matching forks, butter knives and spoons. If you can find some that have matching serving spoons, even better. Mismatched is so being single. Accept your new married life with confidence and stuff that isn’t plastic, sporks or cheap stuff you got at that giant Swedish superstore. We’re talking about sturdy stuff that doesn’t bend, stain or scratch super easily. If you are the entertaining type, it also just looks a lot better. It’ll give you peace of mind, trust us.

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