5 Tools Every Chef Needs

Every artist works in a specific medium. Visual artists use paint, chalk, ink and more. For you, the medium is food. Like the painter, you need the tools of trade on hand so that you can create beautiful and delicious masterpieces. As you earn your online culinary arts certificate, start building your chef’s took kit. You don’t want to be stuck making a dish without an essential utensil.

1. Knives
A good set of knives is probably the most important thing any chef can own. They have to be sharp – dull knives are unsafe – and of the highest possible quality. You will be Julianneing, mincing and dicing your days away, so be sure your knife makes the job easy. Your online cooking school has probably already required that you purchase a set of knives, so you may be good to go.

2. Cutting boards
A cutting board is the next most important tool after the knife. In fact, the two are dependent on each other. Purchase separate cutting boards for meat and produce. Never, ever, ever use the same board for raw and cooked foods. The bacteria in raw meat will contaminate your fruits and vegetables. You can purchase one good-quality wood cutting board and use one side for meat and the other for produce – just remember to flip it over. The problem with this method is that once you’ve flipped the board, you can’t flip it back over, as the counter will be covered in meat juice. This is also a messier way to do things. Owning several boards is the neatest option.

3. Cast iron skillet
Cast iron is a beautiful thing. These skillets can be used for roasting, sauteeing and baking. Unlike non-stick pans, the surface doesn’t get scratched and worn. In fact, the more you use it, the more “seasoned” it becomes. Cast iron skillets have intense and even heat distribution and retention. Once you’ve added a cast iron skillet to your arsenal, remember never to wash it with soap and water or use metal tools.

4. Accurate measuring tools
Get yourself a nice set of measuring cups and spoons. Whether your using them for spices or liquids, these tools help you accurately create dishes. These items are especially important if you are baking. The wrong amount of even one ingredient can ruin a baked good.

5. Mixing bowls
You can use mixing bowls for mixing, yes, but they are also perfect for other cooking needs. Toss a salad and organize your prep work with a set of mixing bowls.

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