Veggie Prep Tools For Every Culinary Academy Student

When it comes to cooking, everyone enrolled in online culinary courses knows the importance of efficiency that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. One area that you can definitely save time in is prepping your veggies. There are plenty of tools that culinary students use out there designed to make preparing your plant foods the least time-consuming part of your cooking endeavors. Here are the top four gadgets that every chef-in-training should have in his or her home.

Chef’s knife
Never underestimate the power of a quality chef’s knife in the kitchen. A good knife will go a long way in the speed and efficiency with which you can slice. A sharp, well-balanced knife allows you to shop without worries as the blade gracefully glides through your peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes. A dull blade can be dangerous when working quickly in the kitchen because it doesn’t cut as smoothly and is more likely to slip on the veggie’s skin, putting you at risk for injuries!

You could use a small knife to peel your veggies, or you could use a tool made specifically for that purpose. While not a bad option in a pinch, a knife is not the quickest tool for safely skinning a cucumber. A knife also slows you down because, even with a sharp blade, you have to be very careful not to cut yourself. The beauty of the peeler is that it’s blade is perfectly shaped to slide along the length of the vegetable without slipping or snagging.

All vegetables should be washed before using, whether you bought them at the supermarket or grew them in your own backyard. Even if you feel fully confident that the food was grown without the use of pesticides, there are still other environmental contaminants that could have gotten on the surface of your veggies from birds, land animals or insects. Having a colander makes washing a large quantity of veggies simple. All you do is place them in the colander and lightly toss the vegetables as you run them under water.

Food processor
For students at international cooking schools who don’t have time to whip out their chef’s knife to do their slicing by hand, the food processor can really speed up the process. Whether you are in a hurry or just have a lot of food to prepare before a party, the food processor is great for chopping veggies into small pieces – perfect for soups, salsas or pastas.

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