Favorite Celebrity Chef Kitchen Tools

Chefs have mastered many kitchen utensils and appliances, but there are a few tools that chefs love the most. Whether its a microplane or a custom-made ice cream maker, these tools have chefs all over the country falling head over heels, and justifiably so. Many specialists’ livelihoods depend on the particular sets of tools that they use every day. So whether you are a food enthusiast or a student taking online culinary classes, check out some of the favorite tools of celebrity chefs.

Electric appliances
Sometimes, the only tool that works is one that runs on electricity. Celebrity chefs know that some of the best dishes come from using electric appliances artistically. For example, Alton Brown from the Food Network loves his panini press. He doesn’t use it to make paninis, however – that would be too simple. Brown likes to press game hens and other poultry in his contraption.

Phil Conlon of Columbus Tavern in New York City claims that one of his favorite appliances is the Vita-Prep blender, an industry-standard blender that boasts a 3 horsepower motor. A dehydrator also makes the list, according to Susan Feniger from the Border Grill in Los Angeles. She uses the dehydrator to make dried fruit snacks from apples, pears, mangoes and plums.

While appliances can make meal prep faster and easier, some chefs love to use simple, ordinary tools to make their masterpieces. Bruce Sherman from North Pond in Chicago swears by his Kuhn Rikon peeler. Anything and everything that can be peeled meets that blade in his house. Large roasting pans and stock pots are some of chefs Jeff and Matt Nichols’s favorite kitchen tools. They love their versatility and usefulness in blanching and making stocks and soups.

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