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Blueberry Muffin Recipe
Chef Susie Wolak will demonstrate how to make Healthy Blueberry Muffins step-by-step. See the complete recipe and video here. [Read More…]

Tips For Cooking With Your Kids
Chances are if you’re trying to learn cooking online, you might have your hands full with kids too. Although you may be impressed with everything you’ve prepared so far in your online chef programs, children are notoriously picky about the foods they eat and may not have the same esteemed opinion about your dishes. [Read More…]

The History Behind Your Favorite Summer Fruits
Many of the fruits we enjoy as Americans went through quite a journey to become the important gastronomical delights they are today. From tomatoes to grapes, every piece of produce has a little slice of history. Food undoubtedly shapes culture and who we are as a nation, so it is important to understand history as [Read More…]

Who Are The Disciples & Les Dames of Escoffier?
In this video, Chef Mark Dowling speaks about the Les Disciples d’Escoffier and Les Dames d’Escoffier organizations and how chefs get inducted into these groups. These organizations were founded about 80 years ago after the death of Auguste Escoffier in Europe. The Disciples Escoffier International is the premier gastronomic society established in France to maintain the good [Read More…]

Recomendación de Estudiante Culinario
Esta fue la major decision que he tomado, ya que este programa nos va ha ayudar, obtener empleo an el campo de la gastronomía e inclusive poder habrir nuestro propio negocio. Es una perfecta idea tener el programa en español, ya que se puede comprender mucho mejor. Se lo recomiendo mucho ha todas esas personas que quieran entrar [Read More…]

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