McDonald’s Removes Dollar Menu

Whether you are parent on the go or a student finishing up an online culinary course, you’ve probably given into the allure of McDonald’s at one time or another. Unfortunately, the world will be forced to pay a little extra for less. The multinational corporation McDonald’s is reworking its dollar menu to include items that range from $1 to $5.

The plans to change the existing menu were facilitated by the corporate office in an effort to promote new items like the grilled onion cheddar burger, chicken wings and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Small fries and small drinks will be taken off the menu to make room for these additions. McDonald’s will continue to offer classics like double cheeseburgers, 20-piece chicken nuggets and other options at an increased price.

Changing eating habits, public concern over the quality of McDonald’s meat and scrutiny over food preparation processes are issues that have been plaguing the world’s largest fast food chain for years. With public awareness being at an all-time high and disappointed investors tired of seeing falling stock values, multiple marketing strategies are being deployed that focus on the company’s dollar menu.

The menu change is happening concurrently with a marketing push of McDonald’s health-conscious choices. Items like the egg-white-only Egg McMuffin, chicken wraps and fresh fruit salads were introduced to the menu in an attempt to rehabilitate a damaged public image. Other factors like the rising price of cattle and beef are forcing the corporation’s hand, and is trying to take back some control over the fast food market.

McDonald’s restaurants serve an estimated 68 million people in 119 countries every day. In 2012, the global chain reported net earnings of $5.5 billion.

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