Tal Ronnen and Art Smith Head Lyfe Kitchen In Chicago

Tal Ronnen and Art Smith are opening up a new restaurant right on the corner of Clark and Hubbard streets in Chicago, and downtown residents taking online culinary courses couldn’t be happier. The dynamic culinary duo are bringing Lyfe Kitchen to Chicagoans​. Lyfe is a unique restaurant experience that is transforming socially responsible eating for the 21st century.

In an interview with  AOL, Tal Ronnen said Lyfe uses, “Familiar foods, hearty foods, things that have a lot of color. We definitely eat with our eyes first, so it’s gotta look good and then taste good.”

Novel items on the menu
Lyfe’s menu is focused on both taste and a healthy lifestyle, and offers healthy eating for everyone, from carnivores to vegans, gluten-free eaters to vegetarians. Spices, herbs and sauces – picked fresh and made to order – replace heavy butter and cream that are usually loaded with sodium. Other items on the menu include kale salad, mahi mahi fish tacos, unfried chicken and roasted mushroom and goat cheese flatbread.

Another highlight on the menu that foodies all over town are dying to try out is Ronnen’s signature grain bowl. It is a mix of ancient black rice and quinoa. The contrast in color and texture creates a dynamic and delicious dining experience.

Focus on healthy eating
The chefs want to bring in that special demographic of young Americans who are health-conscious and concerned about stability. The chefs source their produce and protein locally, striving to remain as sustainable as possible in an industry whose mentality and focus has been to mass-produce for generations. All of the dishes, without exception, are fewer than 600 calories and contain less than 1,000 milligrams of salt.

“We want to change the relationship individuals have with their food right now,” a Lyfe Kitchen representative told the source.

Don’t worry about Lyfe being too caught up in the health craze. Chocolate and banana budinos with toasted almonds and chia seeds are on the menu, along with other fresh and organic dessert items. Specialty drinks replace soda and other soft drinks. Cucumber-mint water, hibiscus and beet with fresh ginger juice, apple and lemon water and raspberry lemonade are all on the drink menu. Local beers and wines have been brought in for the over-21 crowd.

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