Chia Seeds: The Super Grain Taking Over In 2013

While some annual cooking trends are really only applicable in restaurants, others you can easily incorporate into your recipes as you learn to cook online. Chia seeds are one such ingredient, and have taken off in 2013 as a must-have for healthy eating.

According to The New York Times, chia seeds are nutritious because they contain high amounts of fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that can help you feel balanced and alert.

“Chia seeds have been in Whole Foods for a long time, but they’re just now starting to grow in popularity,” Drew Rosen, a nutrition and cooking teacher at the Whole Foods Market in Tribeca, New York, told ABC News. “It’s an ancient crop, but because the seeds are so flexible and high in omega threes, they are just blossoming all over the markets in all different types of products.”

If you look around, you’ll notice that chia seeds have sprung up everywhere, from drinks like Kombucha to chia-based snack bars to ground-up seeds that you can use to add a healthy kick to your favorite recipes. There’s good news for anyone with a sweet tooth: Chia seeds are also commonly used in the baking & pastry arts!

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