Tips for ordering healthier, more sanitary fast food

While attending culinary academy you  may not always have the time or motivation to cook yourself a nice meal. It's OK to go out to eat once in a while. There are ways to enjoy fast food without risking your health. {clarify} Try these tips to get more nutritious, fresh and sanitary meals:

Request a fresh order
One McDonalds employee told Minq that chicken nuggets sit in a warming area until they are ordered and do not have a specific amount of time after which they must be thrown out. This may be the case with many fast food items, they are in a warming area for hours before being eaten. If you love the golden, chicken taste of McNuggets, ask for a fresh order. This way they won't have been waiting around for an unidentified amount of time. Plus, they'll be nice and hot.

Ask what is made on-site
When a restaurant labels something as "fresh" there is no one governing that claim. They could say fish is fresh even if it has been frozen for six months before serving it. They could claim that pasta is fresh even when the entire dish was in the freezer until you ordered it, after which it spent five minutes in the microwave before heading to your plate. Some restaurants even "recycle" food by reusing it after it is no longer good in its current form. When most people go to a restaurant, they don't want a frozen entree that they could have made at home, or food that has been sitting around for a week. It never hurts to ask what menu items are fresh and made on-site versus what has been sitting in a freezer in the back. You may be surprised what dishes are not freshly made. 

Order a small
It may seem like a good idea to order that multiple-patty hamburger or large drink until you actually start eating. Our eyes are bigger than our mouths and we often end up eating or drinking only a portion of what we ordered. Instead, get the regular hamburger and a small drink. The two will fill you up and be much less calories than the larger options. You can also ask to switch out sides, such as fries, for a healthier option like salad or a fruit cup. You're still getting that greasy delicious fast food but you're also thinking about your cholesterol and nutrition needs. 

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