Savory Cocktails: No Sugar, No Problem

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With the modern resurgence of the Tiki bar, the cocktail world is seeing a great influx of fruity and sweet drinks. However, in the face of these sugar bombs, many are opting for a more balanced drink with highlights of smoky, herbal or vegetal flavors. This second kind of cocktail can be classified as savory, and it includes much more than the Sunday brunch Bloody Mary. For those looking for a little respite from the alcoholic sugar high, here is a list of some of the best savory cocktails that have surfaced recently.

Fishy update of a classic: The Caesar
Known as the Canadian Bloody Mary, this tomato-based vodka drink incorporates a healthy dose of clam juice for a little extra briny kick. Make your own by combining one part vodka to five parts Clamato juice. Garnish with celery stalks and pimiento olives.

Southern nut: The Tallulah
Named after Southern wit and black-and-white film star Tallulah Bankhead, this drink is a combination of some of the best things the South has to offer: peanuts, Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels. To make, mix an ounce of peanut orgeat with 1.75 ounces of Jack Daniels and top off with Coca Cola. Garnish with peanuts to accentuate the drink’s nuttiness.

The glass is always greener: The Menta Julep
If your idea of savory veers more toward herbal and refreshing than nutty and salty, try a Menta Julep. This cocktail benefits from the use of Branca Menta (from the same family that brought you Fernet Branca). The minty liqueur works very nicely with bourbon to make the perfect summer drink. Make your own by combining one part Benedictine, one part Branca Menta and two parts bourbon poured over ice.

Spice is nice: The Black Pepper Gibson
A gibson on its own is a great option for the martini drinker looking for something a little different. This version highlights the earthy flavor of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka with some freshly cracked black pepper to add a little kick. Making one is devilishly simple, just rinse a martini glass with dry vermouth, while stirring 4 ounces of the vodka with ice in a separate glass. Strain the vodka into the martini glass, top with fresh cracked pepper, and enjoy.

Liver juice: The Foie Gras Cocktail
While the concept of a cocktail made with fattened duck liver may sound off-putting to some, it is apparently selling quite well at Las Vegas establishment Andre’s in the Monte Carlo. Those taken aback by the liver in the drink can opt for the Foie the Hell Of It cocktail at Portland’s Ox, which only uses the delicacy as a garnish.

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