Announcing Kitchen Aid Contest Winner

Congratulations to our winners!

During the month of April students have had the chance to win a Professional Escoffier Kitchen Aid Mixer. For every assignment a student submitted a raffle ticket was earned in that student’s name and was added to our mixing bowl! Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy is excited to announce the winner of the Professional Kitchen Aid is Patrick Blood!

Additional Prizes: The 10 students with the most assignments passed during the month of April will be receiving Escoffier branded chef jackets. Big congratulations to the below students!

Winners of Chef Branded Jackets

Melania Ionce-Straka                     33 completed assignments
Jacqueline Audouin                        20 completed assignments
Carrie Greer                                       17 completed assignments
Shirley Perillo                                   17 completed assignments
Harley Sears                                      15 completed assignments
Linda Williams                                  15 completed assignments
Kimberly Muckelroy                      13 completed assignments
Judith Qureshi                                   12 completed assignments
Khamphou Latthanavong             12 completed assignments
Natalie Ferguson                              12 completed assignments
Sarah Hoerath                                   12 completed assignments
Khadija Husain                                  12 completed assignments

On behalf of the staff at Escoffier Online, we are proud of each and everyone of our students. We hope you enjoyed this friendly competition!

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