Restaurant Comfort Food: Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a popular party food, but you can also find them gracing the menu at eateries nationwide. The simple preparation of boiled eggs filled with a flavorful mix of yolk, mayonnaise and seasonings is being revamped at certain restaurants and kept as-is at other spots.

According to Eater, the dish is a regular on menus across the Washington, D.C. Places like Boundary Stone feature a new egg special every week. In contrast, Open City just adds the classic sprinkle of paprika over top.

The history of deviled eggs
Their origins lie in ancient Rome, yet now they are enjoyed around the world. In the 18th century, they began being called “deviled,” which referred to the spices used. Deviled eggs are popular in the South and internationally in places like Hungary and Sweden. To spice up the eggs, hot sauce is added.

Other creations
To make healthier deviled eggs, use Greek yogurt as an alternative to mayonnaise. For an Italian kick, add some zesty pesto. Not sure what else you can add? Take online culinary arts courses for dish-building inspiration.

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