Man Survives On Beer And Sausage During Oktoberfest

People who are in the food industry or are taking online culinary classes will know that the month of October is full of festivals in honor of the original Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany. Every year, millions of people around the world get together for a few days of wanton beer drinking and sausage eating. One man has taken the values of Oktoberfest to an entirely new level. Arizonian Evo Terro stays on a strict beer and sausage diet throughout the entire month of October and has been following this tradition for the past three years.

Terro’s diet really racks up the calorie count throughout the week. For breakfast, he’ll typically have some kind of breakfast sausage and wash it down with a light, fruity beer. He does the same for lunch: a heavier kind of sausage like Polish or Italian and some kind of ale. By dinner time, Terro is drinking some strong imperial stout to accompany his kielbasa.

At an average of 150 calories for every beer and 250 calories for every bratwurst, Terro’s 2 sausages and 2 beers a meal is around 800 calories. Eating 3 times a day has him around 2,400 calories a day. Staying on this diet puts his seven-day calorie count at nearly 17,000.

Traditional thinking says that any person who is living off of beer and sausage for a month should be experiencing some kind of health issues within a week. Regularly consuming large amounts of alcohol has been linked to different types of cardiovascular disease. Sausages and processed meats are full of preservatives and nitrates that are known to raise cholesterol levels and increase blood pressure. Terro seems to have avoided these health issues, according to his friend and physician, Dr. Terry Simpson, who has been monitoring Terro’s health during the diet. At any sign of complications with blood lipids, body water levels and muscle mass, Simpson would cut his friend’s diet short.

“He blew everything out of the water,” said Simpson told Fox Phoenix News. “The first year he did this, he lost 14 pounds. Most of it was body fat. His cholesterol went down by a third.”

Terro is also being very responsible with his driving during his month-long excursion into the land of beer and sausage. His son has the pleasure of driving him around throughout Oktoberfest.

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