Radler Beer: A Sweeter Take On Beer

Craft beers have been taking over the bar scene for quite some time. Ask any online culinary arts student worth  his or her salt – in any given drink menu, you will find IPAs, Belgian beers, wheat, amber and porter ales, wines, meads and a whole slew of beverages that will get you in a jolly mood in no time. It’s not easy to make a decision with so many choices available, but if you are looking for something light, thirst-quenching and has just the right amount of alcoholic content, try out the mixed drink called Radler – you will not regret it.

The Radler, which translates literally into the “cyclist,” is a drink that is made by combining one part pilsner-like beer and one part soda or lemonade. It is well known in the Bavarian region of Germany, but is also enjoyed by citizens in surrounding countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, northern Italy, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Romania.

Most notable among the various kinds of Radler drinks are the ones consumed in Germany and Austria. They include:

Russenmass –  A mixture of hefeweizen and lemonade.
Diesel – Combines a lager-type beer with a cola-based beverage
Colaweizen – Hefeweizen mixed with cola
Flieger – White or wheat weißbier,beer and soda pop
Krefelder – Uses altbier in combination with another sweetened, carbonated beverage.

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