Prepare yourself for the top food trends in 2015


It’s a simple fact of life, fads will always come and go. While some may make their mark in a more permanent way and become long lasting parts of mainstream culture, it’s reasonable to assume that we will all see the rise and fall of a few trends in our lifetimes. Whether you’re a culinary school student or just an avid foodie you may have noticed that the popularity of specific dishes and fluctuations in taste are perhaps even more volatile than other changing aspects of society. For better or worse, we can certainly expect this to hold true in the coming year. Here’s a look at some of the top food trends expected to surface in 2015:

Changes in cooking oils
As general interest in meal composition and  organic ingredients has grown, so too has the attention paid to each step of the preparation. As the year goes on, don’t be surprised to see or hear more diners inquiring as to what sort of oil their meal was prepared in. While olive oil will most likely always be a mainstay, don’t be surprised to see hemp, avocado or pistachio oils giving it a run for its money in 2015. As for meals that are prepared with fat instead of oil, you very well may see lard and clarified butter making a resurgence.

New and exciting grains
So they may not be new in the big scheme of things, but you can expect to see some grain options that surprise you appearing on menus this year. In addition to the standards such as quinoa, pasta and rice, you very well may be offered millet, a gluten-free grain that’s high in both protein and fiber. Don’t hesitate to try freekeh, either, which is a toasted grain from the Middle East with a chewy texture and a smoky flavor.

National treasures
As always, exploring the cuisine of other lands, both near and far, will be huge in 2015. Be on the lookout for Canadian delicacies such as poutine, which is composed of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. You may also see Peruvian food like sanguche de chicharron, a type of pork sandwich, becoming more readily available.

Local, organic food

This one doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but be aware of the fact that locally sourced,organic produce and meat will be incredibly popular in 2015. Be on the lookout for restaurants advertising ingredients sourced from a small, local vendors such as farms, butcheries and dairies with no additives.

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