Online Culinary Student Achieves Culinary Excellence

With aspirations of excelling further in his career, Zenn Tomokane enrolled in Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy.  Working as a dietary chef for Alaris Health at the Atrium it was important for Zenn to receive a culinary certificate in order to take that next step in his career. “The program is a foundation, I think everyone working in a kitchen needs something like this. This program doesn’t just build people who can cook, it builds professionals and that is what I like about it.” Tomokane expressed during our interview.

The Escoffier Online experience is unlike any other kind of online schooling out there, in the sense that students have access to hours of interactive tutorial video content and professional chef recipe databases, hands on assignments critiqued by Executive Chef Mentors, a social platform that allows you to connect with your fellow students and mentors, and the opportunity to build a professional e-portfolio. These are just a few aspects to the online program. After speaking with Zenn it was clear he had an enormous passion for culinary and is dedicated to his career. At the end of Tomokane’s interview he states, “It’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life” and we think it was too!

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