New Book Chronicles The Life Of Auguste Escoffier

The legendary chef for whom our online culinary arts program is named is the subject of a new book planned for a Fall 2016 release. Luke Barr, author of the culinary history book “Provence, 1970,” is slated to write a new book for Clarkson Potter publishers called Escoffier and Ritz. It will chronicle the chef’s dealings in such famous hotels as the London Savoy and the Paris Ritz during the end of the 19th century.

Auguste Escoffier is widely regarded as the first celebrity chef, earning himself the title “the king of chefs and the chef of kings.” Among his many innovations are the modern brigade system of organizing a kitchen based on a chain of command and the prix-fixe menu. His partnership with Cesar Ritz during the 1890s produced dining destinations in London and Paris for the world’s rich and famous. Barr’s new book will be a narrative history of how the pair were able to create those world class dining destinations during what they call, “the rise and fall and rise again of Auguste Escoffier.” This book promises to be an interesting read for students wishing to learn more about the eponymous chef of our online culinary school.

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