Celebrity Chefs’ Homecoming Meals

Students taking online culinary courses love to cook, and who better to prepare a meal for than someone that’s coming home after being away for a long time? Each year, celebrity chefs spend months away from home promoting a new cookbook, line of kitchenware, or television show. When they come back, however, they each have a favorite food that makes coming home complete.  Here are some dishes that celebrity chefs whip up as soon as they get back to home sweet home.

Greens and eggs
David Burke, the perky chef who made his name at restaurants like David Burke’s Townhouse, Fishtail and Prime, is known for fascinating guests with surprise dishes and creative plating. But his favorite food to make when he comes home after promoting his new restaurants is quite simple: green salad and a fried egg on top. His favorite salad consists of baby greens, arugula, red leaves, beets and celery hearts. He tops it with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and freshly ground pepper. Burke makes his fried eggs with a little bit of butter or cooking oil. If you like your eggs the way he does – not too cooked – keep the heat to medium and let the egg sit for about five minutes with a lid on top.

Fresh, homemade chili
James Oseland, the charismatic editor-in-chief of Saveur, is always on the road. Between running one of the most recognizable American food magazines, writing books and judging Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, he hardly has time to sleep in his own bed. On his recent trip back to Cincinnati, he tried the city’s Skyline chili, a blend of spaghetti, cheddar cheese, raw onions, kidney beans and heavily spiced chili. For him, chili is the best food to make after a long trip away from home. Once you set all the ingredients in a pot, you can let it simmer while you unpack and unwind.

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