Humble/Lofty Restaurant Jobs

Working in the food industry is not always glamorous, but paying your dues and looking for opportunities to move up the ranks in a restaurant can pay dividends. Many people started from humble beginnings and used experience earned at the bottom level to eventually become head chefs and restaurant owners. Others have found work in the industry outside of the kitchen. Either way, you can have many rewarding experiences regardless of where you end up. You never know – if you are enrolled in online culinary courses while working as a server, bartender or dishwasher, you might be the next big thing in the food world. Here are some humble as well as lofty positions in the food industry:

Busboy – Busboys don’t make that much and even with tips, it’s hardly enough to pay the bills. One of the perks of the job is moving around and rubbing elbows with kitchen workers and other staff.  Making connections at this stage could be a long term investment after you learn what it takes to work on a kitchen line.

Bartender – A bartender can earn a decent hourly wage, and tips can really boost their actual pay. If you have a great personality, are friendly and approachable, and work at a prime location, you can make some serious cash.

Sommelier – The men and women who work as sommeliers are often found at high-end restaurants and hotel dining rooms. They earn a decent living depending on their education and location. In order to become a successful sommelier, you have to be able to distinguish the subtle differences between dozens of wines and know the best pairings for various types of food. Master courses and exams can take a lot of your time and resources, but in the end it will all be worth the effort.

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