Macaroon Vs. Macaron

While many believe macarons are a French delicacy, they actually originated in Italy around 1533. King Henry II’s wife was Italian and introduced the dessert to the country.

There is often confusion over American macaroons and French macarons among consumers. While these sweet treats can be found in bakeries, at summer parties or even made at home, they do have a distinct difference in taste and origin.

French macarons are derived from almonds and egg whites that comprise the outer parts of the cookie. Macarons also have granulated and powdered sugar as ingredients and are chewy in texture. The inside is a cream-based filling and comes in a wide array of colors and flavors. The French macarons tend to have more sugar in them, making them sweeter than newer versions of the popular dessert.

Macaroon can mean a tiny sweet treat, and does not necessarily resemble its French counterpart. American macaroons are flourless cookies usually made with coconut. Egg whites and sugar are also mixed in with dried coconut. They are sometimes used at Passover celebrations because they do not contain any flour in the ingredients, and go well with afternoon hi-tea. Popular American bakeries sell a variation of macaroon flavors such as Nutella, red velvet, and peanut butter and jelly fillings.

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