Creative Crepes For Every Palette

As you continue your online culinary arts program and master several different types of cuisines, it is important to remain creative in the types of foods you learn to prepare. While M&M pancakes or savory waffles are interesting variations of staple breakfast items, offer sweet or savory crepes the next time you prepare brunch. After you learn the basics of making the perfect crepe, there is much room for exploration with the filling. From meat to vegetables and dessert, many items make perfect crepe fillers.

Crepes originated from a northwestern region in France and are actually considered the French national dish. In France, crepes are often accompanied by a glass of cider. Some key ingredients for crepes include flour, sugar and milk. So instead of a sandwich or an omelet, try a crepe for a change.

Red velvet & Mascarpone crepe: You have had the cakes and cupcakes, but now imagine a red velvet crepe! The size of a kati roll, this sweet dish is the perfect dessert pairing with a light salad. Consider drawing hearts on top of the crepe with powdered sugar for a Valentine’s Day treat.

Nutella crepes: A popular form of sweet crepes tends to be a Nutella crepe with banana filling. You can even substitute strawberries for the bananas as chocolate goes well with strawberry. While traditional Nutella crepes have the chocolate drizzled on top of the strawberries, sprinkle some extra Nutella once the crepe has been folded.

Mushroom and avocado crepe: For a veggie lover’s delight, use spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados as the filling for a crepe. Top it off with some balsamic glaze so the crepe is not too dry. For an extra filling, add some chevre (goat) cheese into the mix.

Grilled cheese crepe with tomatoes: As you place the batter on the stove to form into a crepe, sprinkle your favorite cheese onto the crepe so it melts. You can now enjoy a grilled cheese on a crepe with tomatoes or fresh basil on top.

Ham crepe: If you love meat, prepare a ham and mushroom crepe. This savory treat is filled with ham and mushrooms on the inside and sprinkled with cilantro and cheese on top. Gruyere or cheddar cheese will pair well with ham and mushroom.

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