Disney’s New Macaroon Doughnuts Are Pure Magic

Macaroons are a classic dessert, a cake that comes close to being a cookie and classically full of coconut and almond flavor – although variations that bring chocolate, glace cherries, jam and many other flavors into the dish are common as well. For those with more than a passing interest in baking and pastry arts, a new macaroon concoction from Disneyland is sure to delight.

Whether you want to attempt to recreate the dish at home or take a trip to California to taste it yourself, the Matterhorn Macaroon Donut is sure to thrill.

Building on a classic

“Additional ingredients include caramel sauce and toasted coconut.”

The Matterhorn Macaroon is already a dish beloved by many Disney diehards and occasional visitors, a classic, delicious coconut macaroon topped off with a bit of sugary icing to simulate the appearance of the roller-coaster attraction and its artificial mountain shell. The Matterhorn stands tall over much of the rest of the park, and the vertical orientation and icing allow the treat to not only taste sweet, but mimic the shape of the Matterhorn as well.

A macaroon is all well and good, a staple dessert with an engaging flavor profile, but sometimes people want more. That’s especially true when on vacation, and doubly so in a world of wonder like Disney. That desire to go the next step – along with the innovative pastry fad that has brought delights like the cronut into the public eye – may have been a driving force in Disney’s decision to release the Matterhorn Macaroon Donut.

The concoction is simple on the surface, not so much a melding of two distinct desserts into one, but a combining of two fully formed and delectable ingredients. The new creation features a doughnut for the base, as Delish pointed out, with the Matterhorn Macaroon on top. However, that basic description doesn’t do the dish justice. Additional ingredients include caramel sauce and toasted coconut. That blends together with the macaroon cake, yeast donut, donut icing and macaroon icing to create a very sweet but distinctive set of flavors.

Disneyland’s doughnuts already have a strong following, as pointed out by the Disney Food Blog, although the creations have only been sold in their current form for less than a year. Considering the longer-established Matterhorn Macaroon also has a significant following, it’s no surprise combining the two yielded such a strong and positive reaction from Disney fans and baking and pastry enthusiasts alike.

The Matterhorn Macaroon Donut isn’t a permanent menu addition, according to Delish. One of Disney’s many culinary flourishes is a rotating doughnut of the day, which saw the Matterhorn Macaroon Donut in that slot in late May. However, the outpouring of support and interest was substantial, which could mean this unique treat pops up again in the doughnut of the day rotation or potentially takes a permanent place on menus inside one of the country’s most beloved vacation destinations.

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