Say Cheese: 3 Alternative Grilled Cheese Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese? This warm, gooey, cheesy sandwich is among the ultimate comfort foods and, at its most basic, one of the easiest to make. That low barrier to entry shouldn’t stop culinary arts students from learning some unique grilled cheese recipes that incorporate many different ingredients and present a diverse range of flavors. Consider one – or all – of the following options:

1. Maple bacon jam adds major flavor

“Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese?”

Country Living endorsed this delightful mix of flavors as an exceptional grilled cheese. The sweet and savory flavors of the maple bacon jam combine with the dairy flavor of the cheese and buttery bread to make a flavor combination that’s hard to beat.

To make the maple bacon jam, you can either use a premade mixture or follow the Recipe Rebel’s approach. Cook your bacon in a pot, then drain off all but two tablespoons of bacon fat. Remove the bacon, cook the onions until clear, then add the garlic and cook for an additional minute. Add all remaining ingredients, including the bacon, and cook over medium heat for about 35 minutes. Most of the liquid should be gone and the mixture should be thick, like a jam. You can puree the final product to get a smoother consistency, but it’s not required.

Now, simply use your preferred grilled cheese-making method, taking care to use two slices of cheese and place the jam between them.

2. Pesto is the best-o

This simple recipe from the Food Network’s inspiring list of 50 grilled cheeses doesn’t require a lot of preparation or cook time. That’s great when you’re feeding more than a few people or in a rush – especially because the recipe doesn’t compromise on flavor. All you have to do is spread pesto on one side of your white bread, then place a slice each of provolone and mozzarella on the other. Cook just as you would any other grilled cheese, until golden brown.

3. Brie and Nutella come together

This is technically a dessert grilled cheese, but you can have it at any time. Serious Eats’ recipe brings together chocolate, hazelnut and mild brie in a delectable combination. To make this grilled cheese, melt about one-third of the butter needed in a skillet, brown one side of the four slices of bread and transfer to a cutting board. Then, top two – on the toasted sides – with brie and the others with Nutella.

Melt an additional third of the butter, drop the heat to medium low and place the sandwiches back in the skillet. Remove when one side is a deep, golden brown. Finally, remove the sandwiches and add the last of the butter, heating the remaining side of the sandwich until its coloration also reaches a golden brown.

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