Tips For Making Magnificent Macaroons

Macaroons are frequently found at weddings and other special events because of their characteristically bright features. This light cookie is made with egg whites, sugar and usually ground almonds or coconut. But despite its simple ingredients, this popular dessert takes some time to master. An online pastry program can help you perfect this cookie, but in the meantime, here are some tips to get you started:

Purchase a food scale
Macaroons are delicate, and everything has to be just right, so you want exact measurements on everything that you’re using, from sugar to almonds.

Avoid humidity
When cooking with your egg whites, you’ll want to stay away from days where the climate is humid or rainy. You won’t get the perfectly smooth and shiny shell you’re after.

Always sift your icing sugar and almond flour, even if there are no immediately visible clumps. This will prevent cracks from forming in your macaroons.

Opt for gel food coloring
Liquids can alter the consistency of the macaroons and ruin the perfect results you’re after. Therefore, it’s best to stick to gel food coloring.

Rotate during baking
When you have your cookies in the oven, make sure to rotate the pans just in case you have an oven that tends to heat one side more than the other. This will ensure more even results.

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