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Give Online Cooking Classes This Year!

Still looking for that perfect gift this holiday? Give someone the gift of cooking. Escoffier Online is offering 30% off our online baking and culinary single classes until December 31, 2013. These classes will give valuable hands on experience whether you are an enthusiast or careerist at an affordable price!

From knife skills, to classic cooking methods, to baking & decorating cakes, to stocks and mother sauces, Escoffier Online will help you find the perfect gift this year!

Receive 30% off at check out until December 31, 2013 by using PROMO CODE: escoffiergift

What Do The Escoffier Courses Offer?

•    Have access to the Escoffier recipe database
•    Have access to live Q&A sessions with professional chefs
•    Receive chef mentor support by phone and email
•    Have your assessments graded by a professional chef
•    Be able to create a portfolio of your work
•    Upon completion receive an Escoffier Certification

Check Out Our Most Popular Classes: Take 30% off at check out!

Introduction To Knife Skills
Online Training Course. Cost $99

Cookies, Pies and Tarts
Online Training Course. Cost $269

Traditional and Regional Soup
Online Training Course. Cost $269

Baking and Decorating Cake
Online Training Course. Cost $499

Poultry Cutting and Cooking
Online Training Course. Cost $269

Click here to check out all the online short classes we’re offering.

If you need assistance call a representative at 877-452-5489 or email us at [email protected]

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