New Advanced Fundamentals Courses Now Available

>Have you always wanted an excuse to eat steak every night? By the power of beef, now is your chance. Escoffier Online is elated to announce the addition of 10 advanced fundamental courses to tack on to your full culinary or pastry program. With nearly a dozen options, students are able to explore the vast, exotic world of salt, spices and herbs, cold & frozen desserts, beef, pies and a bunch more. Our wide variety leaves you with an eclectic range to choose from, allowing any future chef to find a subject that gets their culinary interests piqued! And don’t delay this like you have getting started on your summer tan! For the time being, these add-on classes are just an extra $59 per course. The full list of new classes goes as followed:

Advanced Fundamentals Courses:

  • Artisan and Quick Breads
  • Beef
  • Cold & Frozen Desserts
  • Egg based custards, creams and sauces
  • Genoise & sponge method cakes
  • Grains, legumes & potatoes
  • Knife skills & classic cuts
  • Short doughs: cookies, pies & tarts
  • Stocks & mother sauces
  • World flavors: salts, spices & herbs

The Advanced Fundamentals courses serve as an add on and are available in our new student portal.

For more information please contact the Director of Admissions Shannon Marzano at 224-698-2133.

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