15% Off Online Cooking Courses

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A completely new culinary experience has arrived! Escoffier Online is offering online culinary and pastry short courses that are convenient and cost effective. Learn from world-class chefs from the comfort of your own kitchen. For a limited time offer receive 15% off our courses at check out.

Explore and master classes like knife skills, classic cooking methods, baking & decorating cakes, stocks and mother sauces, and more! These classes will give valuable hands on experience whether you are an enthusiast or careerist at an affordable price!

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What Do The Escoffier Courses Offer?
•    Have access to the Escoffier recipe database
•    Have access to live Q&A sessions with professional chefs
•    Receive chef mentor support by phone and email
•    Have your assessments graded by a professional chef
•    Be able to create a portfolio of your work
•    Upon completion receive an Escoffier Certification

Reach your fullest potential and get started today. Pick classes that are perfect for you!

Or call Admissions at (877) 452-5489 / email to Enroll.

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