Research Shows That Nuts Are Healthy

Researchers at Harvard University recently published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine on the health benefits of eating nuts. They compiled data from other studies that followed both men and women for approximately 30 years. Those who ate nuts regularly were less likely to die of cancer, heart disease or other health complications, and generally maintained a healthy weight.

The benefits were directly related to how often the men and woman ate nuts. For example, those who ate them a couple times a week were at a higher risk for disease than those who ate them everyday.

Pass the health benefits of nuts onto your diners by adding them to your dishes. Practice creating unique recipes that feature nuts while you earn your online culinary arts certificate. Here are a few ideas to help spark some inspiration:

Sauces and dips
Add nuts to your favorite sauce and dip recipes. Not only are you adding protein and healthy fat, you’ll be instilling the benefits of longevity. Start with recipes that typically use nuts. For example, use pine nuts in your pesto sauce, which is already a common addition.

Nut-based sauces are great for vegans and vegetarians because they have protein and can be used in place of meat or dairy. Make nacho “cheese” sauce by soaking cashews and blending them with spices, yeast and veggie broth. This quest treat is great on corn chips.

Add to veggies
Salads need a little crunch to enhance their texture. Use nuts in your next salad instead of other crispy options, such as wantons. Leave them raw or toast them to elevate the flavor profile. You can add nuts to your cooked vegetable dishes as well. For example, try adding sliced almonds to green beans or roast squash with pistachio.

Substitute in baked goods
You can include nuts in your baking, or substitute them in place of other ingredients. For example, make your next gram cracker pie crust with chopped walnuts. Your dessert will still have the dark, toasted, crunchy look and texture, but it will be packed with all the benefits of nuts.

Create snack options
Make toasted nut snacks by choosing your favorite mix and adding spices. For example, make chipotle-lime nuts in your oven. You can also go the sweet route with cinnamon-roasted almonds. Make your own fruit and nut bars in the oven by combining your favorite ingredients. Dip the bottom of your bars in dark chocolate for an antioxidant boost.

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