Lemon Granita Recipe

Chef will demonstrate how to make Lemon Granita step-by-step. Below is a list of topics that Chef Susie Wolak will cover in detail:

  • How to make simple syrup
  • Flavoring the granite
  • Freezing the granite
  • Serving the granite
  • Red Velvet Wine Discussion (Cupcake Vineyards)

Granita Recipe:

Serves 4

3 Lemons
1 cup Filtered Water
1/3 cup Castor Sugar

Cooking Steps:
1. Chill a martini glass, shot glass or porcelain bowl
2. With a zester or vegetable peeler remove the zest of the lemon (the zest is the yellow peel only)
3. In a separate bowl juice the lemons and set aside with the zest until needed
4. In a heavy saucepan heat the water and the sugar to make simple syrup. Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved
5. Stir in the zest and transfer syrup to a chilled bowl to cool down
6. Cover and place the syrup in the refrigerator and cool
7. Once the syrup is chilled, strain it into the bowl with the lemon juice to remove the lemon zest
8. Strain the liquid into a metal bowl or other suitable freezer-safe dish
9. Freeze the lemon mixture, scraping with a fork lightly every 30 minutes to remove ice crystals from the side of the bowl, until liquid becomes granular but is still slightly slushy, about 3 to 4 hours

1. Scoop the granite into the chilled serving glass and garnish with caramelized fruit and a sprig of mint. Serve immediately

Tip: Use a flat surface will allow the granita to freeze more quickly. You can use any citrus with this recipe or mix them. Adjust sugar level to your own taste.

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