Getting the most out of your waffle iron

The world of culinary innovation has benefited greatly from the rise of the technological age. With an increase in the ability to learn cooking online has come a heightened understanding of new and exciting ways to do things. Following that sentiment, it seems as though several great minds have gone on to bring innovation to a glorious piece of kitchen equipment: the waffle iron. If you have a bit of a penchant for breakfast foods, then you may already have one of these laying around your kitchen. The only problem is that you hardly ever use it,  except a handful of lazy Sundays a year when you break it out for brunch. If you’re looking to get more out of your waffle iron, try a few of these tips:

According to Listotic, bacon can be cooked perfectly in a waffle iron. The high heat and pressure of the environment can quickly bring strips of bacon to the perfect crisp level that you’ve been seeking. Even better, this way you’ll only have one thing to wash instead of an additional pan for the bacon.

Pizza sandwich
There are snacks, and then there are brilliant, life changing, absolutely unbelievable additions to the best culinary innovations of all time. The pizza sandwich, made in a waffle iron, may very well be a member of the latter group. According to Serious Eats, all you need to do to make this is take a slice of leftover pizza, cover half of the top side in whatever meats, vegetables or other toppings you would like, and then fold it lengthwise. Place it in your waffle iron and in no time you’ll have a marvelous meal.

Brownie sundae
Who says that waffle irons can only be used for breakfast food? As the Food Network points out, some of the best brownie sundaes around begin with a waffle iron. Simply make your favorite brownie batter and pour it into the iron to get a waffled brownie base. Build your sundae on top of it using your favorite ice cream, chocolate, caramel sauce or other toppings and you’ve got a simple dessert that’s just as delicious as it is visually appealing.

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