Rethink grilled cheese using a waffle iron

When you're attending an online culinary school, you start to use the equipment in your kitchen in a lot of different ways. To become a unique chef, you must learn to think creatively and find new functions for everyday tools. A waffle maker can do a lot more than its name implies and here are some reasons why using it is a wonderful way to make tasty, fun grilled cheese sandwiches.

It's delicious and easy
The first thing you'll notice when grilling your sandwich in a traditional waffle maker is the taste. This kitchen tool basically acts as a panini press, heating both sides of your lunch at the same time. This can lead to a final product that is evenly golden brown. The square protrusions of the iron increases the surface area of your bread, which allows your grilled cheese to become crispier and crunchier. In addition, most waffle irons have a non-stick finish, so you don't have to worry about scraping melted cheese off of the grill.

Allows for creativity
If you jump online, you'll find a plethora of recipes for waffle iron grilled cheese. The Food Network, William Sonoma and many other popular cooking sites recommend a variety of different ingredients and combinations. You don't have to stick with cheddar or American, try using Fontina, Gruyere or goat cheese. You can add bacon, avocados, tomatoes or spinach. You don't even have to use bread, you can grill your cheese between biscuits, hash browns or tater tots. The possibilities go on and on, so feel free to try some recipes of your own devising. Once you've mastered grilled cheese, branch out. Try using your waffle maker to bake brownies or prepare falafel.

Perfect for a first-time chef
Whether you've just started at culinary academy or you have kids who want to help in the kitchen, the waffle maker can be the perfect tool for young cooks. Children can help assemble their sandwich and add the fillings of their choice. Then they get to see their creation come out of the iron with a cool square pattern design. You might even be able sneak in some healthier ingredients to give it more color. If you are just starting to embrace the culinary arts, this could be your first chance to experiment in the kitchen. If you can find a unique way to make something as basic as a grilled cheese sandwich, who knows what you'll think of next. 

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