Gamers Love Settlers Of Catan Cookbook

Chris Rachael-Oseland, the author of Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook, has prepared one of the most in-depth, game-based cookbooks in gamer history. Students taking online culinary courses can refer to the book for classic recipes based on the civilization-building board game Settlers of Catan.

Smorgasbord of settler dishes
The Settlers of Catan is a game in which players try to build communities on a board made of hexagonal tiles. Each tile represents a particular domain: forests, pastures, deserts, fields, hills and mountains. Each domain offers a specific set of resources that players can use to create settlements. Cards and dice are also part of the game, which can sometimes last for hours at a time.

Rachael-Oseland’s Wood for Sheep cookbook, which was inspired by her group of friends and their dietary restrictions, is full of dishes like “Settlers of the Cold Salad,” and “Breakfast Taco Map.” There are also recipes with names like “Settlers of the Nacho Bar”, a deconstructed nacho platter, and the robust “Thanksgiving Dinner Board” made of mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans.

Traditional Catan diet
She accommodates almost every variety of picky eaters, including halal and kosher meals for Muslim and Jewish friends, gluten-free desserts for the health-conscious gamer, and plenty of vegetarian dishes. When serving her friends, Rachael-Oseland likes to plate her meals in hexagonal bowls so that no two dishes are touching. Because of their hexagonal structure, she and her friends can mimic the Settlers of Catan board.

While the first half of the cookbook is dedicated to the game’s map design, the second half can be considered an homage to the Building Cost cards players use to create their settlements. It features more complete dishes both sweet and savory and includes creative, edible interpretations of wood, brick and ore.

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