Chicago Named Top Food City

If you are a student taking online culinary courses, chances are you love many different kinds of food. Your affinity for cuisine has led you to try a wealth of local restaurants, meaning you know the best spots to eat at in your city. Recently, The Munchies, a group of awards voted on by a panel of celebrity chefs, named Chicago the best city in the country when it comes to good eating. The Judges claim that the Windy City had it all, with nominees in categories like best chef and best food magazine. Chicago was also considered for best food website and other cuisine-specific categories. Check out which restaurants took home first place.

Categories Chicago won
Best pizza
Bar Toma – Located in the Near North Side of Chicago, Bar Toma pizza defines great Chicago pizza. It features crisp and chewy crusts and freshly made sauce. The toppings they use are hand picked and all natural.

Best Burger
The Butcher and the Burger – One of Lincoln Park’s most recognized hamburger joints took the top spot, in the voters’ opinion. Diners can choose burgers made from natural and local house blends or grass-fed beef, locally raised pork, sustainably farmed salmon, lentil brown rice vegan and much more. You also have a choice of bun, fresh toppings (including six different kinds of cheeses, wasabe and butter pickles to name a few) and the best seasonings all make the dining experience at The Butcher and the Burger a Chicago treasure.

Best Baked Goods
Hoosier Mama Pie Co.  – The beloved bakery/cafe in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village is a pie-lover’s idea of heaven. Locals flock to the small yet cozy shop to get there favorite hand-made pies for every holiday occasion. Their list is extensive: coconut creme, lemon chess, chocolate berry, chicken pot pie, passion fruit meringue, triple berry and so on.

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