Fat-washing spirits

The latest trend in mixology is a process known as fat-washing. This technique is used to infuse spirits with the flavors of various plant and animal fat flavors. Adding a greasy or oily feel to a spirit may seem unappetizing at first, but once you have tried it for yourself, it isn’t hard to see why fat-washing has become such a hot trend. Luckily, fat washing your own spirits at home is incredibly easy and opens the door for a whole new world of exciting cocktail flavor combinations.

Alcohol and fat
The process of mixing what is essentially rendered fat into spirits and then removing it can seem like an empty task. However, the pass-through of fat leaves behind a notable meaty essence that adds depth and dimension to a drink.

The key to a really tasty fat-washed spirit is where you get your fat from. Most restaurants use the fat that drips from their meats while it cooks. This is a fantastic source as the fat will have absorbed any of the flavors of the marinade or smoke that it is cooked in. Next time you smoke a rack of ribs or fry up some bacon, be sure to save the drippings for a nice fat-washed cocktail.

The process
To fat-wash a spirit yourself is quite easy. You will want to have the same volume of fat and spirit when you start. Some popular fat/liquor combinations are mezcal and pork fat, whiskey and venison fat or even vodka and butter. Allow the fat to cool and pour it into the spirit. Give it a hearty shake to mix the two ingredients and then leave it in the freezer for at least 24 hours. After the fat solidifies, use a chinois to filter out the solidified fat and then pass the remaining liquid through cheesecloth or a coffee filter to remove any oil stains that may be left. As a result you will have a beautifully complex liquor that is perfect for making savory cocktails.

This is a great technique for online cooking school students to learn because it opens up many possibilities for experimentation. Try mixing different flavors to discover what spirit and fat combo works the best together. With the growing trend of pairing food with cocktails, this fat washing technique will allow you to make more pairings than ever before.

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