Eater launches site dedicated to drinks

On March 25, 2015, food news bigwig Eater launched its site completely dedicated to drinks. Members of the culinary academy are already likely familiar with this publication, which has provided a wide range of industry news surrounding restaurants, bars, cookbooks, events and pretty much anything else related to food since 2005. The new sub-publication, Eater Drinks, will dive into a wide range of subject matter surrounding the world’s many libations. Whether you’re a bartender or a teetotaler, Eater Drinks will assuredly have content related to your favorite beverage.

Eater Drinks 
According to the publication, Eater Drinks will cover an “all-encompassing world of beverages: beer, wine, sake, liquor, coffee, tea, juice … even bone broth.” Eater notes that the site will include content for everyone from culinary experts to novice cooks, including maps, features, opinions and reviews. For the avid home bartender, Eater Drinks even promises a weekly cocktail recipe that’s easy to make in your own kitchen.

Eater Drinks has a pretty impressive staff on hand from the get-go. Kathy Chan and Jeff Ruiz are providing the site with some insightful tea knowledge.  The publication will include cocktail features from the 2014 winner of Diageo’s World’s Best Bartender, Charles Joly. More regular liquor-related topics will be covered by popular blogger Caroline Pardilla. Eater states that sake expert Timothy Sullivan will be providing tutorials on his drink of choice, while namesake vinyard’s Robert Sinskey covers wine. Rounding out the coverage on alcoholic beverages are authors Joshua Bernstein and Christina Perozzi taking the helm on anything related to beer.

Why now? 
It may seem peculiar that Eater is launching a drink site 10 years after its inception, but the timing makes sense considering the increasing interest in drink culture. Between the resurgence of craft cocktails, boutique juice bars and a rise in third wave coffee, it’s clear to see that people around the world are becoming more invested in what they drink. After all, it’s no longer uncommon to walk into a market and see a fridge stocked with flavored coconut waters, bottled cold brew coffee and local microbrewed beers. Meanwhile, more distilleries and vinyards continue to pop up across the U.S. as consumers begin to seek out truly colloquial experiences. With more than a decade of expertise and a robust staff of thought leaders, Eater Drinks comes at a perfect time to captivate a mainstream audience.

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