Chipotle Adds New Item To Menu

Chipotle, the Denver-based gourmet Mexican chain restaurant, is expanding its menu in certain parts of the United States by making sofritas available in select locations. The sofritas menu item uses tofu, which as you might know from taking an online culinary class, is quite versatile. The tofu is braised with chipotle chili peppers, roasted poblanos and a variety of Spanish/Mexican spices. The company has consistently stood by its pledge to produce food with fresh ingredients in an effort to change the way people perceive fast food. Chipotle announced that the sofritas will be available in the traditional burrito and taco as well as in Chipotle’s bowl and salad options. The California-based beanery, Hodo Soy, is supplying Chipotle with the organic, non-genetically modified tofu.

The upgrade in the menu was made with vegans and vegetarians in mind. “It’s been well received in the initial test and Northern California market, so we’re expanding throughout the state to give more people the opportunity to try it,” Steve Ells, Chipotle’s co-chief executive, said in a statement.

The chain began including the tofu-based dish earlier this year in over 200 locations in the Southern California region, but tested other grain-based items in 2010 without much success.

Chipotle is expanding its menu to appeal to patrons who avoid animal-based products as a part of a larger plan to rebuild a slightly damaged public image. In early 2013, the chain, which has branded itself as a healthy alternative to fast food and an advocate of naturally raised meats and produce, revealed that an extensive number of its menu items contain genetically modified ingredients. Chipotle’s white and brown rice, corn and flour tortillas, chicken and beef are all listed as containing elements of GMOs.

According to the company’s website, Chipotle’s goal is to eliminate GMOs from all of the ingredients that it uses.

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