Brunching This Weekend?

The concept of brunch is great – you roll out of bed at 11 a.m. and can still grab breakfast, plus booze is acceptable and even encouraged at this time of day. However, the reality of brunch in most cases consists of rushing to the restaurant, being told it’s going to be 45 minutes until you can get a table, and inevitably being seated next to a couple with a screaming baby who drops his Cheerios all over the floor. It doesn’t take just one mimosa to deal with that situation, so you opt for the bottomless option and end up getting a bill that’s significantly higher than expected. Don’t deal with restaurant brunch this weekend. Instead, put those culinary certificates to good use this weekend and make it yourself.

Classic Brunch Beverages

1/2 citrus juice, 1/2 Champagne or sparkling wine.
Served in a Champagne flute.

Bloody Mary
Three parts vodka, six parts tomato juice, one part lemon juice.
Add Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery salt and pepper to taste.
Garnish with celery or pickles and serve in a highball glass.

Irish Coffee
Four parts coffee, two parts Irish whisky, one part cream, one tablespoon brown sugar.
Serve in an Irish coffee mug.

Brunch Entrees

Blueberry Lemon French Toast: This French toast recipe is prepared the night before, so all you have to do is warm it up in the oven for 40 minutes in the morning. Made with cream cheese, lemon zest, blueberries, and challah bread, it’s hearty and refreshing for a perfect morning meal.

Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole: While a breakfast casserole can really include any veggies you want, this recipe calls for onion, bell pepper, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. Seasoned with feta, Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes, this casserole is incredibly flavorful and can be reheated for breakfast throughout the week.

Maple Cinnamon Toast: If cinnamon toast with maple syrup wasn’t delectable enough, try this recipe that incorporates blood orange, vanilla bean and creme fraiche. Use a crispy bread like challah or brioche to make sure it doesn’t get soggy.

Pastrami and Potato Hash: Corned beef isn’t the only meat that makes for a good hash. Pastrami is just as salty and complements potatoes just as well. In addition to the meat and potatoes, this hash consists of squash, leeks, eggs and chives, so you’re guaranteed to leave the table full and satisfied.

Apple Dutch Baby: Also known as an oven pancake, dutch babies are a perfect recipe for brunch – simple yet elegant. While you can serve them with regular ol’ maple syrup and powdered sugar, this recipe also includes a simple apple cider syrup to pour on top.

Baked French Toast: Who knew there were so many ways to prepare French toast? This recipe is baked in the oven and later topped with your favorite fruit topping and a pecan crumble made with butter, brown sugar and salt.

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