A Busy Mom’s Guide to Eating Healthy: Hannah Heinz Spotlight

Maintaining health in all areas is something Hannah Heinz, an Escoffier Online culinary and pastry arts student, has learned to be one of the most important aspects in life. That’s one of the reasons she teamed up with a group of 30 health coaching professionals to create an internationally bestselling handbook on doing just that, “Balance for Busy Moms—Cook Your Way to Health.” Since her start with Escoffier and the co-authorship of the book, Heinz has gained confidence in the culinary field that she never expected and is already onto the planning stages for another health related cookbook, set to release in 2015. In her spare time, Heinz dreams up new recipes, does her Escoffier assessments (the Reuben Sandwich is her favorite so far) all while balancing being a “busy mom” and aspiring chef.

We got a chance to chat with Heinz about why she chose Escoffier, her favorite week-night meal to make and the one ingredient she just absolutely could not do without.

Escoffier: What has been your favorite Escoffier assignment so far?

Hannah Heinz: The Reuben Sandwich assignment has definitely been my favorite. Especially since I was able to use our family’s homemade sauerkraut and cook a great corned beef brisket. I will be making Reuben sandwiches again and again! They melt in your mouth in the most wonderful way.

Escoffier: Tell us about your book, “Cook Your Way To Health”?

Hannah Heinz: ‘Balance for Busy Moms- Cook Your Way to Health’ is a handbook for moms to learn how to prepare and cook 60 amazingly healthy dishes for better health and vitality. Thirty Health Coaching professionals share their stories of transformation on how they became victorious in their life, and the common thread is that success began by first reaching a healthy state in their bodies. Each chapter offers valuable lessons from all the co-authors experiences.

Escoffier: What is the most important piece of advice you have when it comes to food and maintaining a healthy life?

Hannah Heinz: Let all areas of life improve your health. It does not just come from food. It comes from the loving people around us, our peaceful home, our exercise, water intake and much more. Let every area of life feed you in a nutritious way.

Escoffier: In your research, what have you found as the absolute biggest no-nos in diets?

Hannah Heinz: In living a healthy lifestyle, I like to focus on what I can eat rather than what I cannot eat, but if you were going to avoid certain things, eating what I call the white powders would be the highest. Processed white sugar, white flour and white salt. If you add in the foods your body needs, then it will crowd out the things your body does not want.

Escoffier: What are some ways people can eat healthy while still maintaining their love of food?

Hannah Heinz: It is all about moderation. In Cook Your Way to Health, I talk about the 90/10 rule. Eating really good nutritious live food 90% of the time, then allowing 10% of freedom in foods that you enjoy. For myself, if I stick to a certain “diet” then it makes it harder to justify the splurges than if I plan it out and control it. The 90/10 rule is great for that and has helped me a lot.

Escoffier: How has Escoffier helped you in your career path?

Hannah Heinz: It has helped me in so many ways I cannot count! Most of all, Escoffier has inspired me to raise my cooking standards for myself. This has brought me to producing a higher level of creative cuisine. As I am going further into the professional culinary world, I have been able to look back and see how Escoffier has prepared me. They have taught me all the needed skill sets that are so important. All the staff have been extremely supportive and that has given me the confidence to experiment and come up with many recipes and ideas that I would never have come across unless I was at Escoffier. It has always been my dream to write a cookbook and within one month of starting school, I had co-authored in my first cookbook! I am currently drafting another cookbook for 2015!

Escoffier: What is your favorite, weeknight go-to dinner recipe?

Hannah Heinz: “Cajun Chicken Pasta.” I created this recipe a few years ago right after I had gotten a brand new stir-fry wok. I wanted to try the wok out, so I started stir-frying some red bell peppers. I added some chicken, white slurry and our favorite pasta dish was created! It has been one of my family’s favorites ever since.

Escoffier: What’s the most important thing to realize when it comes to “cooking your way to health”?

Hannah Heinz: Cooking your way to health starts by making it intentional. A year from now, you will wish you had started today. There is no time like the present. The journey starts with taking the first step. Along the journey, be open to learning and trying new things. Eating as many raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains as possible will make your body the happiest. When you eat the foods that God gave us in their natural form, our bodies function at a higher level allowing us to live life to the fullest!

Escoffier: What is your absolute favorite ingredient to cook with?

Hannah Heinz: Red Bell Peppers. They bring so much versatile flavor and texture into any dish you are creating.

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