5 Unique Ways To Use Nutella

Most people spread Nutella on toast or crackers, and it is not unheard of to eat this delicious hazelnut spread right out of the container. Whether you’re a Nutella fan who wants to use the ingredient in new ways or a student at a culinary arts program, you’ll want to know some creative methods to use it as an ingredient.

Here are five unique ways to incorporate Nutella:

Use Nutella in coffee
Adding Nutella is a great way to create a fancy espresso drink or doctor up a simple iced coffee. Lattes, cappuccinos and frozen espresso drinks can be enhanced with Nutella by creating syrups, infused Nutella whipped creams or even frozen Nutella shavings. Simplee Thrifty has a recipe for Nutella iced coffee that is made by adding the ingredients to a blender in order to incorporate the Nutella.

Bake with Nutella
Nutella pies, brownies and cookies are all delicious treats that will please any audience. One way to add Nutella to baked goods is to create dollops of the spread and place them in the freezer. This will give the Nutella a solid consistency so it can be added more easily to cookies and brownies. Otherwise, you can mix Nutella into the batter of any pastry.

Add Nutella to fruit
Make fruit more exciting by adding Nutella. Pretty much any fruit you’d typically eat with a chocolate fondue will taste great with this hazelnut spread. The Bold Abode has a unique recipe for Nutella stuffed strawberries that calls for the spread to be piped into the scooped out centers of the fruit.

Sweeten up granola bars with Nutella 
Premaking granola bars is a great way to have breakfast ready for the week. Make your granola bars sweeter by adding Nutella. Simply mix Nutella into your base granola ingredients before cooking it in the oven. Mother Thyme has an easy recipe for Nutella granola bars that takes less than 30 minutes.

Create frozen Nutella treats
Homemade ice cream, popsicles and milkshakes are all great for pairing with Nutella. Nutella ice cream is simple to make and doesn’t need extra sugar because the chocolaty spread is sweet enough. You can also try making Nutella fudgesicles. The Wholesome Dish has a Nutella fudgesicle recipe that calls for whole milk, cornstarch, Nutella, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.

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