4 Ways To Make Instant Ramen Gourmet

Ramen is super simple to make and one of the cheapest foods you can buy at the grocery store, so it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite among college kids and people looking to save a buck. But eating the same old packaged noodles day after day can get old. If you just take a look inside your refrigerator, you will probably finds lots of foods to incorporate in these noodles. Here are four ways to make instant Ramen gourmet:

1. Add some meat
Don’t let the leftover meat in the refrigerator go to waste. Meat will automatically add extra flavor to your bowl of Ramen and turn it into a more filling meal. If you have some leftover rotisserie chicken, for example, remove meat from the thighs and breasts while your noodles are cooking and throw it in the same pot. If you are more of a beef person, cut the meat into thin slices and throw them in with your Ramen.

2. Put some eggs in it
Eggs are great for adding delicious taste and protein to your Ramen. Livestrong suggests cracking an egg into the boiling pot of noodles and whisking it with a fork until the yolk and white are blended together. Let the mixture cook for a couple more minutes before eating.

3. Make a stir fry
There’s no better way to make Ramen healthier than by adding vegetables to it. It’s easy to make your own noodle stir fry at home if you have some broccoli, carrots, peas or peppers in your refrigerator. Men’s Health Magazine recommends throwing the vegetables in after the water gets hot for maximum nutrients and flavor.

4. Create your own broth
Instead of using that seasoning packet that comes with every package of Ramen noodles, The Stir suggests making your own broth. Once the noodles are tender, add miso paste, soy sauce, sriracha or anything else you’d like to the pot. Your noodles will have so much more flavor that you will be excited for every bite.

There’s really no wrong way to make Ramen noodles. If you try these different tricks, you can create Ramen that is both filling and appetizing.

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