3 Tips For Perfect Brownies

Consider for a moment the brownie. These scrumptious treats have the smoothness and texture of a cake. Yet at the same time, brownies are just as crunchy as your average cookie. Yet this dynamic is only possible if the brownie itself is prepared properly. Up for the oh-so tasty challenge? Here are just a few tips and tricks for making perfect brownies every time:

The chocolate matters
In most brownie recipes, chefs will use baking chocolate, which is relatively cheap and fairly easy to work with. However brownies don’t require a ton of ingredients, which means you should place added emphasis on the quality of the chocolate. Gourmet chocolates might be more costly, but they have far more rich flavors. Plus, baking chocolate is much more dry than other mixtures, making it a bad choice if you’re looking to bake melty, gooey brownies. However, always avoid chocolate chips, as these don’t melt properly and can ruin an otherwise silky batter.

Protect the eggs
Like so many other baked goods, eggs are a vital part of most brownie recipes. The yolk is, in many ways, the glue that holds the entire concoction together, and thus, you need to ensure you take eggs seriously. Regardless of the specific brownie you’re cooking up, the eggs you use should always be at room temperature. That way, the yolks and the whites will combine with the other ingredients more effectively, resulting in fluffier brownies that bake much more evenly. If you forget to leave the eggs out beforehand, let them soak in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes to bring their temperature up.

Be a problem solver
All chefs start cooking brownies with the best intentions. However, according to Taste of Home, there are certain factors that can affect the final outcome. If you find that your brownies are uneven, that could be a result of spreading the batter improperly. Ensure the entire pan has a nice, level coating. Meanwhile, some chefs find they regularly burn whole batches of brownies. In addition to adjusting the oven settings, make sure you’re using the right sized pan, as too-small or too-large ones can cause brownies to dry out. Given all this, you may have to experiment before nailing that perfect final recipe.

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