Change Up Your Brownies

Even when a brownie isn’t really that good, it’s still pretty darn good. Brownies are just the kind of dessert that’s tough to mess up. As long as you don’t forget crucial ingredients that hold the squares together, chances are, you’ll come out with an edible dessert. So why not live a little? Since brownies practically always taste good, don’t be afraid to change it up a little bit and experiment by adding new ingredients to your go-to brownie recipe. Have some fun with these ideas:

Add some java
Just in case you were looking for an excuse to eat brownies for breakfast. Simply make that tray of brownies you usually save for dessert your source for a morning dose of caffeine. Add some brewed coffee to the batter. Dark roasts are best, as the coffee flavor will shine through the cocoa. Chocolate and coffee are a timeless combination. Why do you think the mocha is so popular?

Make ’em spicy
Cinnamon, cayenne and chipotle powder are all surprisingly tasty in a batch of brownies. Just about a teaspoon of each flavor will suffice – not overpowering the cocoa flavor, but still enough to give your brownies a little bit of a kick!

Or make ’em salty
The combination of sweet and salty is one for the ages. Chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts are fantastic, so why not make your brownies a little salty too? You can do this by baking coarsely ground sea salt on top or by sprinkling crushed pretzels into the batter. Nuts, bacon or potato chips are great options too.

Bake them differently
Does everyone in your house fight over the crispy brownie corners? While there are special brownie pans made for people who love the corners, you don’t have to spend that extra money. Bake them in a muffin tin instead. This will ensure that everyone gets all of the crunchy edges they love.

Add more desserts
Oreos? Chocolate chip cookies? A pie crust? Nothing is too crazy to add to a brownie recipe. Some people opt for layering cookie dough beneath brownie batter, or baking Oreos inside. However, you can also pour your brownie mix into a premade pie crust. Top that with ice cream!

Top them
Sure, you can you frosting or icing, but where’s the fun in that? Get a little crazier with your brownie toppings by using peanut butter, marshmallow or even cream, goat or ricotta cheese. Who knew there was a way to make brownies even more decadent? If you were actually thinking about something lighter, that’s OK too. Don’t rule out the idea of an elegant raspberry brownie. Experiment with your favorite fruits.

Make ’em boozy
Baking brownies with alcohol in them will leave the flavor of the booze while eliminating the alcohol content. Bourbon brownies are a popular choice, but you can also make your brownies with your favorite beer – the rich taste of a stout will probably work best – or even a dessert wine.

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